Friday, June 17, 2011

Reds lose to Blue Jays


In the first game of the resuming of interleague play the Reds lost to the Blue Jays 3-2. They were coming off of a 5-2 west coast road trip and had won three straight with a sweep of the Dodgers. As a Reds fans obviously I was hoping for a win, but not just for the obvious reason. I wanted this team to keep up the momentum and build a serious winning streak. Just a couple weeks ago the Reds were down 6.5 games in the division to the Cardinals and the Brewers and I thought this team was in trouble.

Fast forward to present day, they are only 2 games behind the Brewers and 1 game behind the Cardinals. The Brewers are about to lose tonight so no ground will be lost to them and the Cards are tied with the Royals late in the game. After tonight's games they will still only be two back in the division. They could have gained ground though and been only one game out of first place.

The Reds have the best team in the Central and should win this division. The starting pitching is coming around and if they can keep up anything near what they've been doing the last few times through the rotation they will win it. They have a better offense and by far a better defense than the rest of the division. In a long season like they play in MLB things will average out to how good your team is and with the Reds basically being better in about every category they will average out to more wins than the other teams in the Central.

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