Friday, May 20, 2011

Johnny Gomes


Johnny Gomes must have some serious dirt on Dusty Baker. That's the only thing that can explain why he's still being marched out to Left Field to start for the Reds on most days. The Reds start a 3 game series against a red hot Cleveland Indians tonight. Gomes is starting and batting second. I can not believe this is true.

The logic behind this decision is that Gomes will see more fastballs with Joey Votto batting right behind him. That's fine, but Gomes can't hit a fast ball, he can't hit anything right now. Now only now, but there's nothing to show in Gomes' numbers that suggest he is going to get it going. It'd be one thing if he had career numbers that showed that he would hit better than that. He doesn't though, aside from a 6 week stretch at the beginning of last season he hasn't done anything.

It's brutal to watch him at the plate. When he swings he looks like he's going to fall he gets so off balance. Now he's hitting directly in front of the top RBI hitters on this team. That doesn't do any good for them if he never gets on base. He can't even make contact with the ball, much less get a hit. This is rediculous! Chris Heisey is a much better play all around. There's no question he's better in the field and he's hitting the ball better than Gomes is also.

I'm sick of Dusty Baker playing favorites. This is the major leagues and the best player should play period. Baker is seriously holding this team back by marching Gomes out to LF to start almost every day. Gomes shouldn't be playing period, not splitting time, not even spelling a player when they need a day off. Fred Lewis is a better option to come off the bench than Gomes is also. Gomes should be the last option to go out and play. This team would be much better with Heisey in the lineup and not Gomes.

Honestly Gomes is taking up a valuable roster spot. That home run that he hit is the worst thing that could've happened and I said it at the time. That just gave Baker an excuse to keep putting him out there despite how terrible he has been. Gomes is not producing and there are much more deserving players down in Louisville to get a spot on the 25 man roster. I know Gomes is a good guy to have in the clubhouse, and the guys all like him, but the bottom line in MLB is the best players get to be on the big league club and he isn't one of those players.

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