Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ohio State Football Recruiting

The Buckeyes have had a tough year to say the least. This past season looked like a season when John Cooper was coaching. They need a win over Florida in the Gator Bowl to avoid their first losing season in 12 years. Buckeye fans aren't used to this they've been dominating basically since Tressel was hired.

They've also had a tough year on the recruiting trail. ESPN didn't even have them ranked in the top 25 and Rivals had them at 16. The Buckeyes are used to having recruiting classes in the top ten every year.

Then they hired Urban Meyer and there has been a huge buzz every since. It already feels like Ohio State is back on top of the Big Ten and a national championship contender. Recruiting has done a 180. They currently still only have one player committed in the ESPN top 150, but it looks like several more are on the way. There have been numerous players ranked in the top 150 who now have the Buckeyes either in their top 5 or at the top of the list. These aren't just players from Ohio either they are the best players in the country.

Noah Spence is a top 5 recruit from Pennsylvania who plays defensive end and says the Buckeyes are now on the top of his list. He is going to Ohio State for a visit on December 17th and I wouldn't be suprised if Urban Meyer gets a verbal commitment from him before he leaves. This would give the Buckeyes two DE's ranked in the top 50 overall players and a serious pass rush.

There are now 10 high school players that are either rumored to be interested, have talked to Meyer, or scheduled an official visit to Ohio State. All ten of these players are in the ESPN top 150 and the lowest ranked of them is 104th. Two of these players are ranked in the top 10. These are besides verbal commits Washington and Dunn. Of these 10 players it looks like the Buckeyes are the favorites now to land at least five of them and they have a good shot at most. A couple are long shots.

What a blow this would be to Michigan who thought they were going to have the best recruiting class in the Big Ten by far. This also coming off a year in which they beat a down Ohio State team. I wonder what their fans are thinking. Just a month ago they thought they were a better team and had a recruiting class head and shoulders above an Ohio State team on probation. Now Meyer enters the mix and it's looking like the buzz is going to land Meyer a recruiting class that's even better than Michigans or anyone else in the Big Ten.

This has to be a blow for the Maize and Blue. They know that Meyer is going to out recruit them every year. Especially if he can come in this late and pull a recruiting class that is better than the one they have worked all year on. Just think what the 2013 class will be like when Meyer has a full year to recruit. Sorry Michigan fans it's looking like it's going to be another decade of going 2-8 or worse against Ohio State. If this keeps up that overall record that Michigan built a big lead with in the late 1800's and early 1900's is going to disappear before you know it and then you won't have any claim that Michigan is a better team than Ohio State.

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