Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Urban Meyer to be next coach at Ohio State?

Where there's smoke there's usually fire and in this case there seems to be a lot of smoke. This past weekend there were reports that Urban Meyer flew to Ohio State. Now things are starting to really heat up as multiple sources are saying it's basically a done deal.

I am a Buckeye fan and I know this about Buckeye fans, we are crazy when it comes to Ohio State Football. People actually tracked a flight from Gainesville to the Ohio State Airport. That's when the rumors began and someone posted on twitter that Meyer would become the next coach at 7 years 35 million dollars. Now it's being reported 7 years 40 million dollars. ( I should have become a football coach with that kind of money being thrown around)

Meyer denied that there was a deal in place, but not many are buying that. For a few reasons, one Meyer said at this time there is no deal in place, not this is completely false and I will not be coaching at Ohio State. Two, Meyer was set to call the Ohio State-Michigan game this weekend but has now been pulled from that game. ESPN said that it was because there were so many story lines in college football this weekend that he would be of better use in the studio. I'm not buying that either. It's looking like it's a sure thing that Meyer is the next head coach at The Ohio State University.

This is great news for Buckeye fans in what has been a down year for Ohio State. They are currently 6-5 and underdogs heading into Ann Arbor this weekend. They could lose for the first time to Michigan in 8 years. Recruiting has not been as succesful for the Buckeyes due to the team kind of being in limbo.

All of this will likely change come next week when Meyer is officially announced as the head man for the Buckeyes. Not only will Ohio State continue to get good players from the talent rich state of Ohio, but Meyer has recruiting pipelines in Florida and they will be able to go into Florida and get some of the big fast defensive lineman that the SEC schools get. Not to mention the blazing fast skill players.

Meyer will bring with him the big time recruits and his exciting and innovative spread offense. Also it's being reported he will be allowed a huge budget to go and get whatever assistants he wants to get. Ohio State will spend the dollars to compete with any school in the country. Basically I believe Meyer will be allowed to spend whatever he needs and wants to spend to build Ohio State into the best program in the country.

The Big Ten has been down in recent years. Ohio State has already been the class of the conference and now things are going to get worse for the rest of the conference. With Meyer I expect the Buckeyes to start dominating the Big Ten right away and basically run things within the conference. The Buckeyes may lose to Michigan this Saturday, if they do another long streak will start next year and likely continue until Meyer chooses to hang it up again. With Meyer in the mix I really don't see any other Big Ten school even having a chance.

At Ohio State expectations are high though and we don't just want Big Ten Championships. Buckeye fans want National Championships. Don't get me wrong going to the Rose Bowl is nice, but in today's college football every bowl game other than the BCS Championship Game is basically a consulation game. (More on that in the next article) So Urban Meyer an early welcome to Ohio State! Buckeye fans get ready because I believe within a few years the Buckeyes will be able to beat the best from the SEC and become National Champions! That's the kind of expectations this hire is going to bring.

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