Friday, March 4, 2011

The Bengals...Argh!


It's tough going from writing about the Reds to writing about the Bengals. This organization is a mess. The franchise player, Carson Palmer, no longer wants to play for them. In fact, he has told some friends that he will not play for them again. He is threatening to retire rather than play for this team and frankly I don't blame him.

Now they are in a position where they need a QB along with other positions. The best thing to do is to blow the whole thing up and rebuild, in my opinion. Frankly Palmer hasn't been playing that well and I don't see them making or winning the Super Bowl with him as the signal caller. What I'd like to see them do is bring in a veteran QB on a two year contract and draft the future QB either this year or next year. Preferrably next year as they need to build this team first then get the future QB. They need help about everywhere and I'm a believer in taking the best player available in the draft and not to draft for need. When you draft someone they are going to be here for several years and team needs change every year.

If Patrick Peterson is still on the board when the Bengals are on the clock I hope they take him. CB is hardly the biggest need, in fact it's probably their strongest position group. But Jonathon Joseph's contract is up and he can't stay healthy. Peterson is big for a CB, which will help him against bigger WR's, but he is just as fast if not faster than most running a 4.34 forty yard dash. He also brings value as a punt returner and to me is the best player on the board. I also wouldn't mind if they take someone on one of the lines. At number 4 there isn't an offensive lineman worthy of the pick, but there are plenty of defensive lineman that are worth that pick. If they can get a mid to late first round pick for Carson they could get a quality offensive lineman, maybe Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin. All the top NFL teams at drafting, draft for best player not need and that's because needs change but the best players in drafts don't.

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