Friday, March 11, 2011

Bearcat's NCAA Tournament Seeding


Joe Lunardi of ESPN has the Bearcats as a six seed playing Colorado in the Southwest Regional and playing in Tucson, Arizona. The three seed lined up in their section would be San Diego State. While they have had a good season I would like Cincy's chances to get to the sweet 16. That probably isn't how it's going to play out come Sunday, but I would like to see the Cats get San Diego State or BYU in their section of the bracket.

I've seen the Cats seeded from fifth to seventh, but the consensus is a six seed for the most part. I don't think they will get any higher than a five seed after getting blown out last night by Notre Dame. By the way I think the Irish are going to win it all. They are the hottest team in the country right now and are the best shooting team i've seen in a long time. I usually fill out two brackets in the pool with my friends every year and I will likely have the Irish winning it all in one, if not both of them.

Lunardi has Xavier seeded ahead of Cincinnati which is a joke as the Cats beat Xavier by twenty and Xavier just lost to Dayton who Cincy beat by almost forty points. He finally put Georgetown behind the Bearcats and it was about time as they beat them by double digits twice within ten days. I'd expect Xavier to drop after today's loss to Dayton. The only way the Cats can move up with their seed is if some teams ahead of them lose today. Here's who Cincinnati fans should be rooting against today and the rest of the week. Texas A&M who crushed Missouri so it's unlikely we move up ahead of them, they play Texas tonight at 9:30. Arizona, the Cats will definitely need them to lost to have any chance of jumping up to a five, they play USC tonight at 9:10. Vanderbilt who plays Mississippi State tonight at 10:00. Mississippi State owes us as they beat us in the elite 8 one year in a major upset as they were an 8 seed and the Cats were a 2 seed in the Damon Flint days. To get a five seed the Bearcats need at least two of these teams to lose tonight.

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